Christmas Stalking ePUB by Ella Goode


Christmas Stalking ePUB by Ella Goode
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Ella Goode
December 15, 2022
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Christmas Stalking ePUB by Ella Goode


I know better than to trust a man. The whole reason I’m unpacking boxes in a new house, new town, new place is because of an untrustworthy man so it makes zero sense to allow a different one inside my home and heart. Jackson tells me that I don’t have to be alone on Christmas, but I’m scared—not only of the man I left behind but of this new one that makes my heart sing. If I throw caution to the wind, but if I do, will he be there to catch me?


One look at my sister’s new neighbor is all it took to chop me down like a Christmas pine. She’s skittish, though, like a baby fawn in winter. While she won’t tell me the real reason she uprooted her old life and moved to my small town during the holiday season, I’ve made a good guess. I’ll fight the demons for her and make sure that this Christmas is one full of cheer.

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