Christmas Town Passion House Free Download (Windows)


Christmas Town Passion House Free Download by little monster Full Windows
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little monster
July 9, 2022
Windows 7 or higher
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Christmas Town Passion House Free Download by little monster

Once upon a time, a group of beautiful girls lived in a cozy Christmas town. On a snowy day, the town was invaded by vampire bats, little devils, ghosts and other monsters, and they recklessly occupied the resources in the town. The beautiful girls who could be seen everywhere were so frightened that they hid in the snow house and did not dare to take a step out of the door. And you will be the savior of the town, using magic bullets to destroy these hateful invaders. As you fight with monsters, you will accumulate points, and you can spend a certain amount of points to enter the igloo to rest. The beautiful girls in the snow house will also make you more energetic by exposing their private parts, rubbing their breasts and other performances.

Featured Content

  • 6 different monsters with their own skills, such as ghosts, ghosts, flying little demons…
  • Able to fire 5 different bullets.
  • 6 igloos for you to rest in, and interact with the pretty girls hiding from monsters in different ways.
  • The whole game is operated in the first person with ASMR, which can make you more integrated into the game!
  • The higher the points, the more exciting the interaction with beautiful girls!


1) Download the ZIP File

2) Extract it and run the game application main EXE file

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