Compel by Rachel Van Dyken (ePUB)

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Compel by Rachel Van Dyken (ePUB)

From #1 bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken and bestselling author Patti Stanger comes a gripping love story of cursed soulmates who are forced to relive tragedy over and over again until their curse is broken…

Compelled to seduce, designed to kill.
What do you do when your love destroys the only person you are designed to be with?
For centuries I’ve been trapped in a curse with my soulmate, only she has no idea… until history finally repeats itself.

The Matchmaker of the Fae felt wronged when we both chose our own destinies, and now, we’re forced to relive our fate over and over again.
I try like hell to fix the curse, but I remember nothing after each death, only that I’m lonely and heartbroken.
The small town of Orca Cove, Oregon, doesn’t help matters.
Filled with paranormal lore from all over the world… if anything, they’re just as trapped as I am.

My only help is the large library on my estate.
If I can just find the notes I know I would have hidden, along with texts, maybe this time will be different.
The house groans with need for its mistress.
My heart breaks with sorrow that she doesn’t recognize me until it’s too late.
Her blood will always be on my hands, just like her heart is in mine.
The path to your soul mate isn’t a fairytale—at least ours isn’t.

My Fae queen thinks she’s nothing more than a normal college student. She believes that the world is just as she sees it, without a clue that the darkness lurking in the shadows, the man she’ll fall for once again, the man who will be her demise…
Is me.

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