Dancin’ with Demons by Courtney Lynn Rose (ePUB)

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Dancin’ with Demons by Courtney Lynn Rose (ePUB)

He saved her, and she ran. He found her, and she won’t get away a second time.

– Renegade –
One woman, and three years without her, is all it took for me to go from Jekyll to Hyde.
Three years ago, we busted another club for kidnapping and raping girls. One of those girls was my President’s cousin.
Another was Raylynn.
Blindfolded, tied down, and beaten until there was hardly anything left, I freed her and wrapped her in my arms, knowing damn well she’d captured me, and I never wanted to let her go.
Then, she disappeared . . . and took everything good about me with her.
The road of self-destruction has been a chaotic one, and my President finally hit his breaking point with me. What’s supposed to be a relaxing vacation to the North Carolina coast ends up being me coming face-to-face with the beautiful redhead that’s haunted both my fantasies and nightmares for all these years.
Raylynn has secrets of her own, but I’m not giving her a chance to run this time. She’s gonna face the music whether she likes it or not because I need her as my ol’ lady. It doesn’t matter what she’s been through— we’re perfect together. She’d see it if she’d just give us a chance.
Raylynn thinks her darkness makes her unworthy, but I’m going to prove that nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our demons aren’t our downfall. Together— they’re the perfect dance partners.

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