Dark Sun ePUB by N.A. Jameson


Dark Sun ePUB by N.A. Jameson
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N.A. Jameson
December 30, 2022
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Dark Sun ePUB by N.A. Jameson

My earliest memories are of being attacked in an alley. I wake up in a stranger’s house, not only to find my past is a dark hole, but that I am a vampire. The only information I can offer him is my first name.

The stranger is my savior and my mate, but Deckland makes it clear he isn’t interested in me. As soon as my memories are back, I’m gone. All that’s left is to see if we can find some middle ground to make my temporary stay bearable.

And what will we do when memories of my past lives start cropping up, and send us hurdling towards danger?

The Purists are after me and I think an unlikely ally is the key to beating them once and for all. I hope.

I may have lived other lives before, but I’m living this one now, and I’m not ready to let it go.

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