Dating a Cowgirl by Natalie Dean (ePUB)

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Dating a Cowgirl by Natalie Dean (ePUB)

She needs a mechanic. And he needs a cowgirl. When they strike a deal, will they get more than they bargained for?

Faye Callahan would give anything to get her mother’s old truck fixed. It’s the only memory she has of her. But there’s a problem… Faye has no money. She’s too busy helping her family on the ranch to have a paying job.

Adam Cullen is back in Copper Creek, taking over the family auto mechanic’s shop so his dad can retire. Not his first choice. Because what is there to do in a small town in the middle of nowhere? But then he goes to the local rodeo, and a certain pretty barrel-racer catches his eye.

Adam offers Faye a trade: he’ll fix her mom’s truck for free if she teaches him to ride a horse and compete in the rodeo. Faye jumps at the chance, even though she thinks his goal is questionable. He shouldn’t have to do something life-threatening to win a girl’s attention.

After all, Adam is handsome and muscular and smart… and Faye just might have a huge crush on him. But she’s stuck in the friend zone with no way out. Will she be able to stick to her side of the bargain without her heart breaking?

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