Daughters of Men ePUB by Laura Van Reed


Daughters of Men ePUB by Laura Van Reed
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Laura Van Reed
December 30, 2022
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Daughters of Men ePUB by Laura Van Reed

When Willow McKenna begins having dreams about a mysterious and drop-dead gorgeous stranger, she chalks it up to her overactive imagination. After all, she has more important things to worry about: impending school newspaper deadlines, her next shift at the local diner, navigating her feelings for her cute coworker, Mason, and making it through her last year of high school.

But as strange clues start piling up, and her dreams become more intense and ultra-vivid, Willow realizes there is something more going on than initially meets the eye. Suddenly, Willow’s days are filled with burning new questions about her newfound gifts and her family’s long-hidden history — while her nights are occupied with the boy in her dreams.

With the reappearance of suspicious figures from her father’s past, an impassioned love triangle, and a power play of heavenly proportions, Willow’s senior year of high school is turning out quite different than she expected — whether she likes it or not.

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