Deadly Hacker by Roma James (Epub)

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Deadly Hacker by Roma James (Epub)

I kept everything in the shadows. Then she became my sun…

My life as a hacker for the Sokolov Bratva means I spend a lot of time with a weapon in my hand. But whether I’m wielding a pistol or a keyboard, it’s always dangerous – and it’s never anything that belongs within a mile of a walking sunbeam like Emma Jean Porter.
But as soon as I lay eyes on the golden-haired yoga instructor, I want to bare my soul to her. In a sea of beautiful faces, she’s got the heart to back it up, and I can actually see myself opening up to her – letting her in.
Suddenly, I want to be the man that strong, selfless Emma Jean deserves. That means revealing my twisted world to her and hoping like hell it doesn’t drive her away, because now that I’ve felt how warm her light is, I never want to go back to the dark.

I built myself a beautiful life with everything I need – great friends, a close relationship with my family, and a rewarding job that makes me grateful for every day I get to roll out my yoga mat.
That doesn’t leave any time or mental energy to spend on finding love, and that’s fine with me, until I meet the one man who might be worth it. Rad’s touch is hotter than the scorching Nevada desert, but the real revelation is how perfectly we just fit together.
The safety and connection I feel when I’m with him has hope rising like dawn in my chest. I just hope the side of himself he’s still keeping from me doesn’t ruin everything in the light of day.

***Deadly Hacker is a fast-moving romantic suspense novel, and the final installment in the Sokolov Bratva series.***

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