Deal with the Devil ePUB by Bex Deveau


Deal with the Devil ePUB by Bex Deveau
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Bex Deveau
December 22, 2022
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Deal with the Devil ePUB by Bex Deveau

You have been selected to attend Underworld University, the most prestigious training ground for demons in Pandemonium. During your studies you’ll have the unique opportunity to wipe your soul’s slate clean.

The catch? Your demonic classmates are using your chance at a peaceful afterlife to practice making soul contracts with humans.

My life wasn’t perfect, but it was mine. After my parents were murdered in a drive-by-shooting, my brother and I were taken in by the most notorious crime family in the Tri-State area. I was raised like every other mob princess, spoiled and fiercely protective of my family. Until I died.

I have a few ideas why I ended up in hell:

1. Murdering my ex boyfriend, Kallum.
2. I don’t know, jaywalking, I guess.

My afterlife only got more complicated after I met them.

The hot and cold class president.

The compulsive gambler with a charming smile.

The lost human more demonic than the demons themselves.

The incubus suffering from boredom.

Getting distracted with whatever game they’re playing would surely lead to my expulsion, I only have one chance to climb the class rank and free myself from damnation. But when someone from my past threatens my place at the academy, I’ll need their help more than I realize.

Are you ready to make a deal?

CW and additional Tags for all books are on author website

Note: This is the first of a five book series that focuses on queer relationships with multiple love interests. This book will end on a cliffhanger, the series will ultimately have a HEA.

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