Dear Holden ePUB by Kathleen Maree


Dear Holden ePUB by Kathleen Maree
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Kathleen Maree
December 15, 2022
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Dear Holden ePUB by Kathleen Maree


It all started with a letter.

This letter I’m holding in shaky hands that I must have read at least a dozen times already. A letter I felt compelled to retrieve from the public trashcan after that woman all but tossed it away. I know it was none of my business. It was wrong, and I know that. But after suffering through the kinds of loss that I had, my gut insisted that whoever took the time to write down their words didn’t deserve them to be left in the trash like they didn’t matter.

Because they should matter.

What’s the big deal right? It’s just a letter…

But the problem was, my name wasn’t Daphne.

And I wrote a letter back.

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