Decent Exposure Free ePUB by Duke Orsino


Decent Exposure Free ePUB by Duke Orsino
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Duke Orsino
October 24, 2022
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Decent Exposure Free ePUB by Duke Orsino

Let’s get one point clear—I am no hero. That just gets you dead before your time. I’m a Star Trader, lover, not a fighter. Confirmed bachelor, peaceable man. Descended from Gypsy stock. When bad guys brandish weaponry, I pack my wagon and rumble away at max FTL.

My name is Strider Jackson, Captain of the Wiley Traveler deep space cargo ship. For a few years now, I’ve been carrying trade goods, sometimes passengers, through the chain of Jump Gates to distant worlds. But no matter how hard I tried, Jackson Star Trader Associates was barely breaking even.

Then Luxury Whitlock–stunning, red-haired, Scottish Baroness—bailed me out of jail and offered a lucrative contract. Command pilot for her interstellar match-making service.

Just pick up beautiful young women on worlds with few opportunities to marry up, and fly them across the galaxy to meet wealthy men at remote planets which lack good candidates for humanoid brides.

Except the Baroness fails to mention the mob of bounty hunters dogging her steps to collect a huge price on her Celtic patootie. And the “lucrative contract” requires me to certify their fertility by temporarily marrying and totally impregnating each husband-seeking woman before arrival at the frontier worlds.

What could possibly go wrong?

So begin the adventures of Captain Strider Jackson and his battered, speedy, mid-sized cargo ship the Wiley Traveler. Boarding now. Spicy sci-fi adventure awaits.

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