Defender of Slaughter Mountain by T. S. Joyce (ePUB)

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Defender of Slaughter Mountain by T. S. Joyce (ePUB)

Kian McHurne has unpaired himself from his mate. He had to do it for reasons he never wants to admit out loud. He put her in the care of the new King of the Bear Clan of Alaska, in hopes that she could have a better life, and survive the war that is coming for her. Their pairing was arranged, and they never quite took to each other. It’s better to cut losses and move on if they’re to be in two separate Clans now. Too bad Fate has other plans. When he’s cast into the new Clan to fight for his life, he sees the mate he left behind in a new light. She isn’t anchored down anymore, and the new-found freedom has done her good. Her inner grizzly is fierce and she will make Kian pay every chance she gets, but for him? He will secretly cheer her on.
She should be fierce.
She should learn to fight.
She should learn to never back down, because he knows a secret the new Clan doesn’t know—and it could be the end to them all.

Grizzly shifter, Eryn Laraway, has been shamed. When a pairing fails in the Bear Clan, it’s an unspeakable thing to happen, and her mate has chosen to do just that. Caught between the urge to curl up in a ball forever, or fight like a wild animal until she feels steady again, Eryn must figure out what to do with her life now. When Kian shows up with big warnings for her new Clan, she begins to appreciate the man he could’ve been…if he wasn’t a big, dominant, brute of a grizzly shifter. He’s just like the others of the Old Clan…right? Their pairing was always distant, but now he insists on teaching her things that are strictly forbidden by the Old Ways. The more she gets to know her growing self, the farther away her old life seems to be, and for the life of her, she can’t decide if Kian will ruin what she’s building, or protect it.

A storm is brewing over Slaughter Mountain, and new boundary lines will be drawn in a war that will rattle the Clans from the inside out. Don’t miss this thrilling installment in T.S. Joyce’s bestselling Bears of Slaughter Mountain series. Change is coming, whether the Clans like it or not.

Content Warning: love scenes, naughty language, and piles of shifter secrets. This series is establishing territory lines between two bear shifter Clans, and is an spicy-love-story-action-packed adventure from start to finish. If you aren’t up for grizzly fights, this won’t be your jam, but if you’re up for romance with a side of war-between-good-and-evil, this one’s for you!

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