Defiance of the Fall 7 Free ePUB by TheFirstDefier


Defiance of the Fall 7 Free ePUB by TheFirstDefier
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October 27, 2022
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Defiance of the Fall 7 Free ePUB by TheFirstDefier, JF Brink

The Dimensional Seed is about to mature. The battle for it will decide Earth’s fate.

Urged on by the System itself, Zac has set his sights on the heart of the Mystic Realm. That’s where the Dominators are heading, and it might be where the answers to his bloodline can be found.

However, the followers of the Great Redeemer are not the only ones Zac and his companions have to worry about. The trapped factions of the Realm itself have plans of their own. Even eldritch horrors are flocking to the Mystic Realm, attracted by the powerful treasure in its center.

Book 7 of the hit Defiance of the Fall LitRPG series is here. Grab your copy today!

About the Series: Jump into a story that merges Apocalyptic LitRPG elements with eastern cultivation. Class systems, skill systems, endless choices for progression, it has everything fans of the genre love. Explore a vast universe full of mystery, adventure, danger and even aliens; where even a random passer-by might hold the power of a god. Follow Zac as he struggles to stake out a unique path to power as a mortal in a world full of cultivators.