Den of Corruption by Juniper Cole (Epub)

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Den of Corruption by Juniper Cole (Epub)

Erebus & Myles never expected to find their mates. Witches don’t have them, and it’s been over a hundred years since a demon has found theirs. But the moment Erebus lays eyes on Myles he knows, he is meant to be his.

Just as they are starting to explore the bond between them, attempts to steal Erebus’s collection of dark objects threaten their relationship and their lives.

Because if the wrong people get their hands-on Erebus’s collection, it is more than just their budding relationship at risk.

Den of Corruption is a paranormal romance about two men falling in love. It is the second in The Den series, which will follow a new couple in every book. It can be read as a standalone though characters will make appearances in later books, so they are best read in order. It contains explicit content, graphic language and situations some readers may find uncomfortable. For a more detailed description please check the content guide inside the novel.

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