Denial by Ember Chase (ePUB)


Denial by Ember Chase (ePUB)
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Denial by Ember Chase
January 21, 2023
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I used to have such good judgment. A solid head on my shoulders. Then I met Isaac.

We are just supposed to work together, that’s it. I fought hard to get where I am today and I’m not letting it slip away because of those mischievous green eyes, that cocky tilted smile, and a pair of hands that can make the world disappear. This guy is trouble with a capital T.

I’m not like most girls. I don’t believe in love and I don’t have time for fairy tales. People say that I’m damaged, that I’m missing something inside. They’re not exactly wrong. It turns out he’s as twisted and broken as I am and that just makes me want him more.

Isaac doesn’t have a secret, he is a secret. We can’t be together. In 30 short days, this assignment is over and we’ll go our separate ways like it never happened. Why does my heart stop beating when I think about that? This doesn’t mean anything. I am not in love with him. I can’t be.

Includes the complete bestselling series of 3 full length novels! (Denial, Desire, and Defiance) Suitable for ages 18+ due to harsh language, violence, and sexual situations.

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