Devil’s Capture ePUB by A.F. Montoya


Devil's Capture ePUB by A.F. Montoya
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A.F. Montoya
November 9, 2022
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Devil’s Capture ePUB by A.F. Montoya

I never should’ve gotten involved with a biker.

I just wanted a one night stand. Someone with experience who might make my first time memorable. I should’ve found a nice guy. Instead, I crawled into bed with the Devil himself. Now I need to figure out how to outrun the local MC and the president I let seduce me. It’d be a lot easier if he wasn’t the living embodiment of sin and determined to claim me.

I knew she was mine from the start.

As president of the MC, my word is law. Not even the pigs are stupid enough to question me. So when she waltzed in and offered herself to me, I never expected her to fight back when I claimed her. Nor did I expect to enjoy it so much when she did. But when a rival MC threatens her life, I’ve gotta tame her or risk losing her. She’s gonna figure out quick she signed her soul over to the devil and I always collect.

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