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Cassie Mint

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I flew around the world to meet my estranged rocker father.

But when I get backstage, it’s his bandmate who feels like home.

I don’t know what I expected from my rockstar dad. Did I really think he’d make time for me? Well, whatever naive expectations I had, they’re long gone–drowned in whiskey, late nights and wild crowds.

And I should move on with my life. Cut my losses and go. I know that, but when his bandmate stares at me… I’m hypnotized. I can’t walk away.

Because he’s gruff and tattooed. Primal and older. A single look under the stage lights sends shivers down my spine.

This rocker sees me when no one else does.

And he really wants to take care of me.

Your favorite steamy romance authors are giving you a peek into the lives of fourteen sexy couples who will Rock Your World. Wicked talented, sometimes flawed, and too naughty for their own good, our larger-than-life rock stars know how to show their fans a good time. Music and romance go hand-in-hand, and love comes easy…but will it stay?

Grab your backstage pass and watch true love tame the wildest hearts around.

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