Dominance Protected ePUB by Ajay Daniel


Dominance Protected ePUB by Ajay Daniel
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Ajay Daniel
December 31, 2022
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Dominance Protected ePUB by Ajay Daniel

Sequel to Dominance, Threatened

Caiden Augustus

When my life was threatened by an unknown enemy, Vincenzo Bernardi was there to keep me safe. He put up with my narcissistic, better-than-everyone CEO personality and showed me there might be more to me than meets the eye. We spent every day together, and some nights as well, with Vincent protecting me while I tried to fight him every step of the way. I let him see some of the deepest, darkest parts of me, and he told me he loved me anyway.

I fell for Vincenzo Bernardi, my bodyguard, my best friend’s younger brother, and I fell hard.

Then, in a classic Caiden Augustus move, I ruined it.

Vincent Bernardi

I know I am in dangerous territory. I know I have fallen fast and hard for Caiden Augustus, my client, my brother’s best friend, despite the fact he may never go public with our relationship – if there is even a relationship left to salvage. He pulled away from me at the first sign of trouble, but I can’t simply forget the comforting nights, intense moments, and deep secrets we’ve shared together. I can’t let him leave before we have even begun.

Caiden has been pushing and pulling me since we discovered our attraction for each other, showing me his secrets one moment and turning into a stranger the next. He is setting up to ruin my fucking world, and I am practically begging him to do it.

I want him. I want his heart as badly as he’s stolen mine, and I intend to take it and protect it with everything I have. Even if I have to protect it from him.

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