Dragon City Mobile MOD APK (ONE HIT)


Build your own dragon world, breed and tam dragons who will fight for you.
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September 1, 2022
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Dragon city is a popular strategy game where you will build your dragon world and train many different breeds of dragons. The game has over 100 million downloads with many active players with whom you can enjoy online PVP battles, tournaments, and limited time events. Start your journey as you build your own world, breed dragons and level them up, you can build a team of dragons who will fight for you. The game works smoothly on even older devices, it has many things to do that you will never get bored of it. Build resources producing buildings that will give you gold and food. Start your own journey and become the champion, enjoy or one hit mod that can instantly finish an enemy with one shot, try not to use it on PVP as you may get reported by other players.

Mod Features

This MOD will only work on Android 8.0 and Above

ONE HIT (Shared with enemy, so only turn on when it is your turn then turn it back off)

27 comments on "Dragon City Mobile MOD APK 22.7.0 (ONE HIT)"

  1. AdrianRT00 says:

    Update please, no working…

  2. Aviaaanaaa says:

    can you pleaseee updateee? thank you!

  3. Suzanne_Ashraf says:

    It still says to update the game
    Can you please fix it?

    • Bot FileDB says:

      The game loads fine on my end

      • Suzanne_Ashraf says:

        I reinstalled it multiple times and cleaned its residuals on each time, I even waited for the update but it still shows the same 😕
        My phone is xiaomi by the way if that’s the problem.

        • Bot FileDB says:

          This game has some anti-cheat detection that needs to bypass, i am not sure if it can interfere with different device models. The game works fine on samsung devices and emulators, i do not have a xiaomi phone to debug this issue and fix it.

  4. Oyun says:


  5. Oyun says:


  6. sadan says:

    Porque no puedo iniciar seseion con la primera pantalla de la pagina? Dice login fail

  7. Suzanne_Ashraf says:

    It keeps saying to update the game, I reinstalled the game several times and it still says the same.
    Can u fix it please?

  8. Acnologia_0601 says:

    What is the username and password? it keeps saying to contact the moddee

  9. zk says:

    Qual a senha e email?

  10. Cottoncandy says:

    When I put in the user and password it’s says it’s incorrect and I should contact the modder

  11. Bumblebee2 says:

    Email and password

  12. CartiOng says:

    It’s been fixed, however, I’m encountering a problem rn, Its telling me to update the game

  13. CartiOng says:

    Why is dragon city crashing everytime I open it? I’m on Android 11.



    No, I have always liked your site, and I have been dealing with you for a long time. I asked you to modify this game, but you did not. I am sad, my friend.

  15. Mitsuki-chan says:

    Me gustó el juego y el hack

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