Dream Come True ePUB by Susan Fanetti


Dream Come True ePUB by Susan Fanetti
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Susan Fanetti
November 5, 2022
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Dream Come True ePUB by Susan Fanetti

A dream vacation gone awry.
An unexpected guest.
Two lives changed forever.

Five years ago, Alicia Sorenson’s life was torn apart by unspeakable violence. Now, as she’s finally coming through the darkest part of her grief and ready to start the next chapter of her life, she and her best friend plan a bucket-list vacation to Italy. On the day of their departure, however, their plans are upended, and Alicia finds herself alone in Rome.

Then the trip goes even more awry, and Alicia’s dream vacation begins to look like a nightmare.

Romulo Arlotti is the manager of his family’s storied Tuscan vineyard. When his little sister brings home an American woman she’s only just met, Romulo is deeply annoyed. The family is busy, and his sister doesn’t even live with them. He does not want to be responsible for some wounded stranger’s recuperation.

But Alicia is not so fragile as he thought, and she brings as much comfort to his family as they offer to her.

Alicia’s grief has closed her heart; she never wants romance again. Romulo’s life is with the vines; he has no room in his heart for romance. But sometimes what we think we want and what we truly need are not the same. Sometimes a chance we thought we’d lost appears in a place we’d never thought to look.

Love can grow in even the dustiest soil, and when it flowers there, dreams come true.