Dungeonteers Free ePUB by Warden Locke


Dungeonteers Free ePUB by Warden Locke
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Warden Locke
October 28, 2022
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Dungeonteers Free ePUB by Warden Locke

He’ll become a Dungeonteer, even if it’s against the law!

Life is nearly limitless for those fortunate enough to become Dungeonteers. Adventure, wealth, and loot await anyone who can afford the key to becoming a Dungeonteer, the gauntlet. With it, one has access to any dungeon hall, along with the best perk of the job, Collectionals, looted statues that turn into companions, each with their own rank and value. Some Collectionals are so coveted that selling one could see a Dungeonteer set for life, or so powerful that they never need friends to complete higher-level dungeons.
Vehpaul, a notorious High Elf city, is known for its vast dungeon halls, as well as one of the most prestigious Dungeonteer academies in the world. Sadly, Vehpaul has a strict law that prohibits lower races from becoming Dungeonteers, because the High Elves consider them second-class citizens.
Huey never felt like he was second-class, and was more than content living in the basement of the pastry shop, where he was tasked with keeping the rats away from the store upstairs. However, an accidental fall sees the life he always dreamed of falling into his lap, and he’s determined not to let the High Elves steal it back. Life in prison awaits Huey if he’s caught running a dungeon, but his new life, and the new Collectional friends he discovers, are determined not to let that happen.
Dungeonteers: A Shifter’s Journey, is based on a world where running dungeons can be a profitable, yet dangerous career. Some dungeons are straight forward, while others are more laid back, and throw tradition out the window. This story includes:
-RPG elements as seen in video games
-A compelling story that’s equal parts heroics and slice-of-life
-harem-like elements that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Pick up Dungeonteers: A Shifter’s Journey today, and discover the job you wish you had.

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