Empire ePUB by Sheridan Anne


Empire ePUB by Sheridan Anne
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Sheridan Anne
December 12, 2022
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Empire ePUB by Sheridan Anne

An Empire risen from blood and ash.
Murder. Betrayal. Undisputable power.
A sacrifice to be given.
An innocent life to be lost.
He made the solemn vow.
The flesh of my flesh will perish in flames,
but the blood will forever reign.


All I wanted was a new life, a fresh start in Faders Bay.
But fate hadn’t written my name in the stars, it was written in cold, murderous blood.

Zade. Sawyer. Dalton. Cross.

They wanted something from me—they wanted my heart.
Literally carved right out of my chest.

They vowed to protect me, vowed to keep me safe from the very monsters they claimed to be. But Zade was the devil, a knight in shining murder, while the others sat back to watch the show, wicked grins stretched across their traitorous faces.
I never should have trusted them.

I had two choices.
Willingly hand myself to Zade and become collateral to his war,
or … rise like a queen and burn these mothers to the ground.

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