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Luci Hart

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The final book in the Blue Phoenix rock star romance series returns to lead singer Dylan and Sky as the challenged of their new life together in the spotlight.

Sky and Dylan have found their forever, wrapped in a world away from rock star Dylan’s fame. For Sky, a future with Dylan is a life with the man who closed the book on his past for a future with her.

The deeper into her new life Sky goes, the harder she finds dealing with the public scrutiny and holding onto who she is. When a third person enters her new life with Dylan, Sky also struggles to meet the expectations she has of herself.

Dylan believes in fairy tale endings and his unwavering love for Sky, and he will fight anything that threatens their life together. But the world can throw curveballs that even the strongest couple would struggle to dodge. Including a face from the past.

Encore is the final book in the Blue Phoenix rock star romance series. Perfect for fans of captivating steamy romance, hot and brooding British rock stars, and strong, sassy heroines.

Please note: the book is written in British English and contains spelling, grammar, and idiom that may appear incorrect to some readers.

Encore was previously published as Forever Sky by Lisa Swallow in 2014. This new edition has minor changes.

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