Encrypting My Heart by Melony Ann (Epub)

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Encrypting My Heart by Melony Ann (Epub)

My entire life, I knew I was gay. The problem was, I didn’t want to admit it to myself. So, I didn’t. I dated women. A lot of them. I was even in a long term relationship with one. But I could never get off unless I was thinking about a guy. Well, let’s be honest here.

One guy. One. My best friend, Lance.

We’ve worked together in the Lucinio Mafia for years. We’re close. He’s out, and he’s proud of it. It’s something I’ve always admired and secretly loved about him.

Just when I start to feel comfortable with myself and we’re ready to reveal our relationship, though, chaos in the form of a sixteen-year-old girl whirls into our life, turning it upside down and backwards. She needs our help. We need her light.

But with her comes a Texas sized tornado of mayhem and a lot of questions that beg to be answered. I’m just not convinced we’ll get those answers before the twister licking at our heels swallows us all whole…

Trigger Warnings:
– Mafia Romance
– Dark Themes
– Physical Violence
– MM Content

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