Essential Reading Skills by Teresa Perrin (ePUB)


Essential Reading Skills by Teresa Perrin (ePUB)
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Teresa Perrin
January 21, 2023
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Boost GED® Test Scores in Reading and Language Arts

This book teaches students to identify and break down the important parts of any text to better comprehend the author s meaning and purpose. Lessons develop the literacy skills necessary to take on college and career-level reading.

Lessons connects new ideas to familiar concepts. Students learn to approach reading tasks efficiently using purpose-driven reading strategies. Practice questions help students test out the strategies, then check their work.

Aligned to Common Core and College and Career Readiness Standards, this book focuses on developing vocabulary skills, and a knowledge of central themes, arguments, literary conventions, story structure and point of view. Science and social studies texts are presented along with fiction and nonfiction texts.

Use the 36 complete lessons to support classroom teaching or as a self-study guide. The 380-page book is filled with graphic organizers and helpful visual reminders to improve student s reading comprehension and prepare for the rigors of the 2014 GED® test, TASC TestTM, or HiSET® exam.

Subjects covered in this book:

Reading Strategically: DARE Process, Questioning, Skimming and Scanning texts, Note-Taking and Graphic Organizers, Vocabulary, Inferences and Central Ideas

Nonfiction Texts: Text Structure and Features, Visual Elements, Author’s Purpose, Reading in Science and Social Studies, Tone, Arguments, Claims, Evidence and Fallacies, Persuasive Appeals

Fiction Texts: Theme and Author’s Purpose, Word Choice, Figurative Language Characters, Story Structure and Conflict, Setting, Tone, Genre, and Style, Point of View

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