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Download FaceJoy MOD APK (Free Subscription)

Refresh and awaken your skin with just 8 minutes a day with FaceJoy!

The most comforting and relaxing part of your skin care routine just got better with FaceJoy!

Personalized 7-day program based on your facial skin condition and needs, helps you see results fast!

FaceJoy promises a more lifted and firmer face and neck with special tailored face yoga courses, proven to be effective by beauty experts around the world!

The incentivized system keeps you on track.
Just 8 quick minutes a day
Visible results in just a week!

– FaceJoy recommends detailed and personalized facial exercises according to your facial needs. Our smart coach system generates a special 7-day face fitness program with your custom information to offer you movements for a naturally lifted, toned, healthier and fresher look.
– FaceJoy’s Facial Diary motivates and monitors your skin condition after each training, allowing you to visually track your progress in app.
– FaceJoy’s incentive system utilizes a visual progress record, keeping you motivated and on schedule.

Our face yoga fitness courses are scientifically designed to focus on key objectives, like:
– Double chin reduction- tighten the neck and chin area, stimulate blood circulation
– Anti-aging – aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, like laugh and frown lines
– Skin firmness – boost facial elasticity and collagen production
– Skin Spa – focus on relaxing your tense face muscles

Do facial exercises really work?
– Yes! All you need is 8 minutes a day to see visible results after just 7 days!

How do facial exercises work?
– Increase blood circulation, awakening less used muscles
– Allows oxygen and nourishment to reach the cells of the skin to help keep skin clear of toxins
– Removes tension and stress in the muscles
– Stimulates collagen production
– Improves cell renewal

Privacy: https://s.bongmi.cn/faceyoga/privacy.html
Service: https://s.bongmi.cn/faceyoga/service.html

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