Fae’s Alpha by Helen Walton (epub)

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Fae’s Alpha by Helen Walton (epub)

A reluctant alpha wolf in the making. An aloof fae princess scarred by her past. When destiny finds them, can they overcome their fears and find love?

Briana O’Cleirigh is petrified to love again. Her first mate died in a tragedy, and she’s determined to protect her heart from loss. When she leaves the Summer Court in search of her missing sister, and lands in the arms of a powerful man she’s alarmed by their instant connection.

Sledge Braidwood is reluctant to be in charge but as the alpha’s son, he’s been groomed to take the position all his life. When the woman who’s destined for him turns out to be a secretive fae princess, can he convince her to give their bond a chance?

Struggling to keep him out of her heart, Briana can’t help but admire his patience and determination to win her trust, but can she risk loving and losing again? And while Sledge’s love for her grows each day, will he be able to prove he can keep her and himself from harm and vanquish her fears forever?

Fae’s Alpha is the emotional third standalone book in the Summer Court fantasy romance series. If you like magical worlds, fated mates with explosive chemistry, and a captivating family saga, then you’ll love Helen Walton’s heartfelt romance.

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