Failure to Thrive ePUB by Elle Rivers


Failure to Thrive ePUB by Elle Rivers
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Elle Rivers
December 25, 2022
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Failure to Thrive ePUB by Elle Rivers

“I really enjoyed this story, I don’t typically reach for romance novels but I’m glad I read this one. I fell in love with the characters and actually found myself smiling often.” – Amazon Customer

“A nice love story about a nanny turning into more, so much more! If you enjoy romance, this is for you!” – Dottie, Amazon Reviewer

Riley Emerson is probably the last person anyone would expect to be a nanny. For starters, her life has fallen apart. Her boyfriend just cheated on her. She lives with her mom, and she might have a drinking problem.

But Oliver Brian is desperate. His daughter, Zoe, has refused to go to sleep for anyone else in four years and with his career, Oliver can’t always be there for her. Riley is only supposed to watch Zoe for one night, but somehow she gets Zoe to bed on her own. He’s so shocked that he offers her a job on the spot.

Riley needs the money, and Oliver needs the time for himself. It’s a match made in Heaven… until feelings get involved.

This novel has been updated with extensive edits and fixes on 12/07/2022.

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