Faking it for Gran’s Sake ePUB by Lisa Renee


Faking it for Gran's Sake ePUB by Lisa Renee
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Lisa Renee
December 2, 2022
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Faking it for Gran’s Sake ePUB by Lisa Renee

Lauren: I broke off the engagement with my workaholic ex ten months ago. Now Mason’s back in Clear Creek and telling me his grandmother is dying. And by the way, “I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we aren’t together anymore.”

I love his gran, and before I know it I’m visiting her, and she’s asking when’s the wedding date and no more procrastination. Gran wants to see us married before she leaves this earth.

No pressure.

The thing is, I’m not over Mason. We had so much chemistry between us that we could fuel a rocket to Jupiter. We’re perfect for each other, except for how he’s married to his business. I can’t fall for him again.

Not happening.

Do you love fake engagement tropes? Second chances? You’ll love this laugh-out-loud, fast-paced, sweet romcom novella.


“Fun story where two people come to realize they still love each other. Gran is a great character – full of spunk! It was a quick, easy read with a HEA ending.” Jackie.

“A good clean romantic comedy that will leave you smiling and waiting for an invite to the real wedding with Gran.” Red Reviews.

“A sweet and delightful story of reuniting two individuals who really still loved each other, even when they thought differently. The author, Lisa Renee, wrote a story many of us could relate to. It had emotions of desiring to care for a loved one, longing to belong, all the flair of planning a wedding, and being cherished.
Lisa Renee is a “new-to-me” author and has an entertaining way to bring the story to life. The story flowed smoothly and there were many fun parts. I enjoyed the banter between the characters and all the planning to do something special for a dear loved one. I totally enjoyed reading this book, and I highly recommend you pick it up to read. I hope we will be hearing more about the wonderful characters in this book.” MF Literary Works.

Get your copy and get all the feels today!

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