Fallen Apostle ePUB by DD Spec


Fallen Apostle ePUB by DD Spec
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DD Spec
December 31, 2022
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Fallen Apostle ePUB by DD Spec

A clash of Young and Old. A line between Glory and Regret. A dance of Life and Death.

Leonidas has managed to grab the first lucky chance of his life. However, just when a small light appeared along his path, it just as quickly began to waver beneath a raging storm.

The Rardins were as powerful as ever. The Lower Ogres were seemingly just pawns on the surface for a powerful character hidden in the shadows. Plus, not only was Leonidas facing trial for a murder he had, indeed, committed, the tome the spirit had left behind for him had vanished!

Leonidas found himself with his back against the wall, surrounded by enemies. He didn’t even have the time to consider the disappearance of his mother’s corpse and how he would seek revenge. First, he would need to survive!

Why was it, though, that this trial judge seemed to have such a bias against him? When had he offended Father Barat?!

Heavy was the road ahead, but the blade of a Fallen Disciple was not to be underestimated. Leonidas had his sights set far beyond Violet Waters…

How could he possibly fall here?

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