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Merri Bright
August 23, 2022
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Names have power. Even awful ones.

I called myself Feather. But really? I was Useless. So I chose to save Sanctuary, though that meant I lost everything: my majestic sheets, my old name, my fudging body… and my sweet, sexy soulmate.

When the super-hot and literally horny Rumple sends me back home, not everyone busts out the confetti. You’d think by sacrificing myself, I would have solved a lot of problems. But I only uncovered more, and made some new, powerful, glitter-hating enemies.

When Protectors start to disappear, I’m stuck wandering through Sanctuary’s basement/sex dungeon to find them… and that’s where I discover a terrible truth. The real danger isn’t on the other side of the Great Gate.

It was inside Sanctuary all along.

Fallen Feather is a humorous, steamy romance that ends on a… wait for it…cliffhanger. You need to read Lost Feather first, unless you’re into that confused, just-been-reincarnated feeling.

Over the course of the series, the main character will end up happily soulmated with more than one of the guys, and she’ll probably put the moves on a gate. This book is intended for adult readers and contains real and made-up profanity, passing references to SA, a whole lot of demon-on-bad guy violence, some angel-on-angel violence, and a few explicit scenes with more than enough heavenly hotties to go around. Please take care of yourself when choosing to read.

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