Fallen Legacy by Cara E. Holt (ePUB)


Fallen Legacy by Cara E. Holt (ePUB)
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Cara E. Holt
January 23, 2023
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I let down my guard and now I’m paying the price. I should have known better than to trust anyone in this town. Everyone has an agenda. All of them are looking to gain more power and influence. I am nothing but a pawn in their games. I’ll make them all pay for what they have done to me.
Finding out that my grandfather left us in foster care all these years is a bitter pill to swallow. Wilbur expects me to fall in line with his plans and marry Archer Savage. The guy who lied and manipulated me, just like the rest. I let him in and he ripped out my heart. Well, no more.
Having to deal with the truth of why I was brought to this bay is bad enough, but my stalker is back and he or she has upped their game. I find myself constantly looking over my shoulder, wondering who is doing this to me and why. Then fate throws me a curveball and it changes everything, including my plans to escape Hawk Bay and its scheming inhabitants.

It’s all a game of lies, and if I want to survive I need to be one step ahead.

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