Fear ePUB by Laura Rye, Bailey R. Hansen


Fear ePUB by Laura Rye, Bailey R. Hansen
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Laura Rye
December 1, 2022
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Fear ePUB by Laura Rye, Bailey R. Hansen

Jake’s finally rescued Tobias from Freak Camp. It’s a dream come true, even though it cost him more than he could have imagined. He’s sure the hardest part is over.

But Tobias has never known anything but the stark existence of Freak Camp. He doesn’t believe he’s a human being, let alone that he has the right to walk down a city street at Jake’s side.

Tobias forced himself to survive six months of brutal training all in preparation to be a monster worthy of Jake. He thought he was ready for anything Jake wanted him to do — except to pretend he’s a real human.

All their dreams of a life together crash against the reality that Jake doesn’t know Tobias as well as he thought, or why Tobias is so afraid of him, and how impossible it seems for Jake to help him.

Jake would never take Tobias back to Freak Camp, but maybe Tobias doesn’t belong with him after all.

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