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Flash by Andi Rhodes (ePUB)


Jaci was the love of my life back in high school. We were going to conquer the world together. And then her family up and moved, and she was gone. No goodbye, no warning… nothing. It took a lot of booze and drugs to numb the pain and get me to the point where I could move on. And I did… move on, that is. Until one fateful night I screw up and my mission for the club goes horribly wrong, causing a lot of irrevocable damage.

The Soulless Kings’ issue me an ultimatum: go to rehab or have my patch removed. Neither is an option I’m interested in, but rehab is the lesser of two evils. Or so I thought… until I walk in to meet with the counselor and it’s a woman I thought I’d never see again. Now that she’s back, can I get clean or will I burn the world down just to avoid her?


My parents ripped me from the only life I knew and the boy I loved. All because, in their eyes, I committed the ultimate sin. But they made sure it was taken care of, and I walked away missing everything that made me a woman. I’ve always tried to look on the bright side, and this was no different. I used my pain to finally stand up for myself against my parents and make something of myself.

As a drug and alcohol counselor, I’ve helped a lot of people. I’ve also missed the mark with more than a few, but I learn from those clients and do better the next time. Until the next time is him, the boy I loved who is now a man with a coke habit. Once we both get over the shock of seeing each other again, all of my old feelings come rushing back. I loved him in high school, and I love him still. But can we get over all the hurt and pick up where we left off, or will we remain bitter and become angrier because of the two people who caused the most havoc?

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