Forever Blood ePUB by V. P. Nightshade


Forever Blood ePUB by V. P. Nightshade
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V. P. Nightshade
December 4, 2022
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Forever Blood ePUB by V. P. Nightshade

He was a Bastard in more ways than one, but meeting his soulmate was the last thing that he ever expected!

For Castor Blood, leading the Special Investigations Group (SIG) was a highly dangerous and necessary position. What he did, though bloody, saved lives in the supernatural community! And he was exceptionally good at it. Fighting against the most organized and lethal foe he had faced in centuries should be taking up his whole focus.

Instead, he found himself burdened with a young, headstrong, soulmate!

In spite of her bloodline, Katja Frost was human, meaning that she neither felt the bond nor accepted him as her mate. To top it off, she willfully insisted on her independence and refused to obey his orders! All making this unwanted situation more dangerous.

Distractions result in death – and Kitty’s very existence was a distraction to him!

But what could he do? His Kitten called to him like nothing else ever had. Made him want to please a woman, instead of just taking. Made him desire to be something more than the Small Council’s ruthless bastard weapon.

Would he be able to defend the vampire community against the hunter scourge and still keep her safe?

Or, had Fate set him up to finally fail?

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