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July 10, 2022
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Forget Me Not Android Port by Featherbox Studio

Iris had never planned for her life to end up so mundane. Graduating and immediately taking her first job offer, she soon discovers she would be getting underpaid and heavily overworked. One day, straying from her auto-piloted route from work to do some errands, she discovers a flower shop.

Sage, the owner of the store, continues to see her odd and out of place customer visit more and more often. As days turn into weeks, the comfort of after-work visits becomes the norm, until one day, they stop.

Iris is a post-graduate student with ambitions to one day become a programmer. Her enthusiasm to get a job in her “field” straight out of college landed her in an office cubicle. Her endless hours of Microsoft Excel, cold coffee, and repetitive underpaid work isn’t the worst, but also couldn’t be further from what she thought she was getting into. She finds alone time comforting, but something always feels like it’s missing.

Sage owns her own business, a flower shop called: The Flower Pot. With most of her time spent alone, she occupies herself reading books, drying tea as a hobby, and spilling all of her emotions to her pet lizard, Charlie. She quickly learns she may be a bit of a hopeless romantic, and sometimes that can cause trouble.

Blake is the president of his school’s book club and the school’s top role model for inclusivity and self expression. His sister, Iris, acts as his only parent-guardian as they both lost their parents at a very young age. Preoccupied with slowly figure himself out, he tries not to get involved in other people’s drama, but sometimes it can be inevitable.

Vivian, or sometimes known just as “Vi“, has always shown her interest in flirtatious activity. Her need for constant attention and validation of others can make her difficult to deal with, especially when she loses her temper. Her interest in Iris had faded years ago, but if an opportunity were to strike, who’s to say she wouldn’t take it?

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