Fury’s Torment ePUB by Elizabeth Knox, Lena Bourne


Fury's Torment ePUB by Elizabeth Knox, Lena Bourne
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Elizabeth Knox
November 11, 2022
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Fury’s Torment ePUB by Elizabeth Knox, Lena Bourne

On a blind date, I met the woman I was always looking for.


With everything that happened at the club recently, I didn’t have any time for love. At least, I didn’t think I did. We all just went through hell. Not too long ago, we found out there was a rat in the club, and it turned out to be our Prez’s girlfriend at the time. He took her out, and in retaliation, we had one of the largest gangs in Los Angeles coming after us. There wasn’t one day where we weren’t looking over our shoulders, waiting for them to make another move against us.

They already went after Hammer’s daughter, and luckily she survived, but next time things might not go in our favor. It’s why the club is now taking our fight to their door, prepared to do whatever it takes to take them down. Now, my mother had always been on me about finding a good woman, so when she called saying she wanted to set me up, I said yes to placate her. I never expected to actually like hanging out with the schoolteacher she set me up with, but I did.

Only, Chloe and I are from two completely different worlds, and I’m not blind to that fact. I find myself not telling her the whole truth about me and the club, because I want this to work. But keeping the truth from her begins to slowly eat away at me. It torments me every single day, and I come to the realization that if I’m not honest with her I’ll lose her forever . . . but what will happen when she finds out what the club does? Will she still even give me the time of day?

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