Get Paid for Sharing Books

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If you would like to make a few bucks sharing study materials and books that you have, then FileDB gives you an opportunity to do so.

You can earn money simply by posting books on the site and gaining gems that is a virtual currency which you can redeem for real cash.

If you are interested, please send us an email at “[email protected]” and we will create an account for you on the site and send you the details. You can then manage your account from the backend.

Once you sign up, visit your profile and you will be able to see a “Gems” section as shown in the picture below.

For every post you publish, you will receive 2 Gems.

You can redeem your Gems for real money via “PAYPAL” only once they reach 50 which will be equivalent to $5

The minimum withdrawal limit is 50 gems and maximum is 1000 which is $100

There is a limit of 30 gems per day, so you can only earn a maximum of 30 gems per day.

That’s it.

As simple as that.


1 – Do not upload copyrighted files

2 – Do not upload fake books where the book does not match with the title or links to something else rather than the download link (we will deduct your gems incase we find you doing that)

3 – Do not use any other file hosting service, the allowed file hosting services are – Mediafire, Google Drive, Pixeldrain, Gofile,

4- Do not make posts that adds no value, it should be posts regarding books and study materials.

5 – Make sure you follow the correct format and structure and fill in the fields and the details accordingly.

6 – Do not upload repeated files. Make sure first that the book or file is not available on the site.

We will change or add new rules anytime, so please check this page more often.

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