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Ghost by L G Campbell (ePUB)


People say that I’m cold, dangerous and even soulless at times.
They’re right.
I care about one thing my club. I don’t want or need anything else. I do what or who I want when I want.
To fall for a woman, it shows weakness, it brings complications and it gives my enemies a target.
I am feared, I am hated and I will make sure it stays that way.
Hell, I am the president of the Black Hearts MC. I screw freely and I live without fear as I ride with the devil and no one is going to change that.


My life’s motto has always been self preservation. I keep the defensive walls up to survive and fight each day.
There is no such thing as live, laugh, love. Not in my world, anyway.
I don’t “live” my life, I survive it and I don’t laugh unless it’s ironically.
As for love, well it doesn’t exist, it’s a myth, a tool people use to manipulate others into getting what they need, what they want.
I live to survive and I survive to live. I rely on one person, me. I will never want or need anyone else.

A brutal, raw and broken love story about a soulless man meeting a fractured girl.
Fighting each other, their own desires and fighting to survive an unknown enemy.

A dark MC romance not recommended for persons under 18.

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