Gift Wrapped For An East Oakland Thug ePUB by Dayonna


Gift Wrapped For An East Oakland Thug ePUB by Dayonna
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December 22, 2022
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Gift Wrapped For An East Oakland Thug ePUB by Dayonna

Winter is a 22-year-old soon to be college graduate that just got out of a bad relationship. She thought she had life figured out with her boyfriend Delante, but after two years of being together his biggest secret comes to her door, literally shattering the hopes and dreams she had for them. She told herself she was through with love and was only focusing on herself but that might not be the case when a handsome stranger walks right into her life.

Omari is 26 and is the go-to guy in East Oakland. He runs almost everything and nothing that happens in the town gets past him. The thing that he is most proud of is his beautiful six-year-old daughter but how she was conceived always put a bad taste in his mouth. Each time he thinks about his ratchet no good baby mama. Ever since she trapped him, he steers clear of women only using them for his pleasure and sending them on their way but when he stumbles across the beauty named Winter he is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and she makes him forget everything that he once lived by.

Frost, Winters twin brother is going through hell in this thing called life that he created all on his own. The only good thing he has going on is attending college alongside his sister and will be graduating with her soon. Everything else is causing unnecessary problems in his life that he doesn’t need. He ran off on the plug and finds himself dabbling with forbidden fruit and he doesn’t know if his family will approve of. Being that his daddy was the man back in the day he eventually goes to him for help, but will he be able to save him, or will it be too late after all of the chaos he caused?

Apryl is Winters one and only best friend. They’ve seen and done everything together as they have been knowing each other practically their whole lives. She too is about to graduate from college with her bestie and she couldn’t be happier. Apryl enters into a relationship, and she keeps his identity from Winter, but she feels that she has good reason, but does she? Once this person is revealed will it strengthen their friendship, or will it ruin it completely? Jeopardizing the sisterhood, they’ve built.

Secrets, lies, & scandal has the four of them in a whirlwind and has them stuck in turmoil for the holiday. It’s Christmas time and it’s supposed to be merry but for them it’s everything but that. Will being gift-wrapped for an East Oakland thug bring the peace that they need, or will it destroy everything that was being built before it can even start?

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