Gilded Thorn ePUB by Ember Davis


Gilded Thorn ePUB by Ember Davis
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Ember Davis
December 8, 2022
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Gilded Thorn ePUB by Ember Davis

I’ve been watching and waiting for a chance to get Laurel in my arms. I shouldn’t want her since she’s the Orlov princess, but I don’t care that our families have spent generations killing each other. All I want is her. She will be the Petrov family’s queen.

I know her power, her strength, and her softness; I crave all of her. I’ll lure her to me and then I’ll never let her go. The darkness inside of me demands her submission and I don’t care if the thorns she uses to protect herself draw blood. I will gladly bleed for her.

I’ll free her of the gilded cage the Orlovs have built around her. She’s mine and I’m never letting her go. Once she’s in my arms, nothing can take her from me, not even her brothers. They can come for her, but they’ll never win.

With my brother out of town, burying himself in his own misery and guilt over something he couldn’t control, the throne of the Orlov family is vacant. It should mean freedom for me, but unfortunately the rest of my brothers think I should be caged as well. The only solace I have is my art.

When I get an offer to talk to someone in Atlantic City about a gallery show, it’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. Coming face-to-face with my family’s enemy is the last thing I expect. The Petrov name has always been sneered in my family and I know the kind of darkness that lives in Vlad.

Vlad says he wants to set me free, but I know he only wants to trap me for himself. I’ve always hated not having my freedom but being captured by Vlad is a craving I can’t deny. If he can handle my thorns, he can have me. My family will get over it or I’ll watch it all burn.

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