Going Dutch ePUB by Garnet Christie


Going Dutch ePUB by Garnet Christie
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Garnet Christie
January 2, 2023
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Going Dutch ePUB by Garnet Christie

‘Tis the season to get steamy…


In my experience, New Year’s Eve is light on kisses, heavy on questions.
If my mother feigns surprise while asking “No date again?”, I’ll shrivel up like the dry turkey leftovers we’ve been eating since November.

I don’t care who’s on my arm this holiday season, so long as he’s hot enough to get me through to January unscathed.

Problem is, this blind date is opening my eyes (and my legs) to desires I’ve never wanted to make permanent. But as we set the whole town to talking, my heart might upturn everything…


It seems I can’t be trusted with my own love life, so I’ve done what any good Dutch man would do — handed my dating profile over to my Tante (aunt).

Imagine my mortification when the goddess who turns up is the same woman I ran into this morning…as in, literally ran into. With a large hot coffee that made the very close acquaintance of her expensive blouse. Kill me now.

Thankfully, she’s not precious about her clothes — which is a good thing, because I can’t stop thinking about tearing them from her body.

This mouthy siren thinks she just needs a holiday fling, but I’m going to need longer than that to tick off everything on the “naughty” list…

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