Golden Hood ePUB by Annabel Chase


Golden Hood ePUB by Annabel Chase
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Annabel Chase
November 2, 2022
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Golden Hood ePUB by Annabel Chase

I’m just your friendly neighborhood Robin Hood. Ever since my coven was destroyed, I spend my days in The Wild stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, along with my merry band of werewolves and a grumpy wizard. The people protect my identity in exchange for my good deeds. If Lord Doran and his vampire rangers ever discover who I am and what I’m capable of, my body parts would end up as a crispy kebab.

When humans start dropping dead from a horrible disease, they turn to me for help, but they’re not the only ones. Lord Doran wants me to report my findings and I’m unnerved by my response to our first up-close-and-personal meeting. I stamp out the indecent thoughts because anything short of repulsion is unacceptable. Besides, there’s another interested party and this one doesn’t have a target on my back.

During my investigation, a new player emerges but I’m the one getting the blame. Somebody’s out for blood—and this time it isn’t a vampire.

As the pressure increases, so does the body count—and if I don’t play my cards right, there won’t be any winners.

Golden Hood is the first book in the Midnight Empire: New Dawn urban fantasy trilogy set in a world of darkness where vampires rule, magic abounds, and the biggest threat to the status quo is a woman who embraces her true power. While this series can be enjoyed on its own, I recommend starting with Wild Knight for a more fulfilling reading experience.

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