Grump’s Unexpected Baby by Sylvia Rae (ePUB)

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Grump’s Unexpected Baby by Sylvia Rae (ePUB)

I broke the rules by getting pregnant by my grumpy boss.

I agreed to be his assistant for six months, for a guaranteed promotion.

His gorgeous face and piercing gaze had me wanting more.

But he was my boss.

I didn’t want to submit to my wicked desires, yet his stare penetrated my soul.

Of course, nothing went as planned.

In a moment of weakness, I found myself falling under his spell.

The intoxicating and inevitable pull was undeniable.

He whispered dirty things in my ear that makes me melt.

His touch magnified all my senses.

We were both betrayed by people we had trusted in the past.

So boundaries were set and agreed upon.

But two innocent lines changed everything.,

Will he accept the baby, or will I end up with a broken heart again?

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