Guardian Daddy ePUB by Lena Little


Guardian Daddy ePUB by Lena Little
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Lena Little
January 1, 2023
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Guardian Daddy ePUB by Lena Little


Lieutenant Sebastian Bullock of Firehouse 132 is reeling from the loss of his best friend. A man he considered his brother. Now he finds himself tasked with caring for his best friend’s daughter. A girl he watched grow up, but a girl he hasn’t seen in five years. And when he sees her at her father’s funeral, she takes his breath away. She’s blossomed from an awkward teenage girl into a beautiful young woman who sets his body burning hotter than any fire he’s ever run into.

Now, Sebastian has to make the decisions that will help shape her life. That part is easy. The difficult part for him is figuring out whose interests he’s serving—his or hers. Sebastian wants her in ways he’s never wanted anybody in his life before.

Sebastian wants to keep his word to Bree’s father and take care of her. But he doesn’t know if he can trust himself to avoid the forbidden fruit that is Bree Mason.


Returning to her family home after five years away at boarding school, Bree found herself an orphan. Except for her godfather—her father’s best friend—and the man she’d known as “Uncle Bastian” all her life, she was alone in the world. Now, she finds herself in the care of a man she’s learning she never really knew at all. A man determined to control every aspect of her life just to fulfill the promises he made to her father. Or so he says.

Bree has always had a crush on her “Uncle Bastian.” But as they’re forced together, bound by his promises to her father, she’s conflicted by her feelings—feelings she knows she shouldn’t be having for the man charged with taking care of her. She wants Bastian unlike she’s wanted anybody before. But the fear and conflict within her may conspire to deny her what she truly wants.

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