Gunmetal ePUB by Bellamy Rook


Gunmetal ePUB by Bellamy Rook
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Bellamy Rook
November 16, 2022
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Gunmetal ePUB by Bellamy Rook


I’m working a dead-end job selling myself to strangers in the middle-of-nowhere, Texas, when I meet Conner West. He’s charming, dangerous, and the hottest man I’ve ever seen. I’ve never fallen for a client like this before. But I know better than to get feelings involved in this line of work, especially when he’s not sticking around.

Conner says he’s on the run from the law, but he’s not the only dangerous man in town. I’ve caught the attention of a violent local gang, and suddenly, falling for a client is the least of my problems.


Before I met Tex, I thought I was straight. Hooking up with him should get that curiosity out of my system, but I can’t stop thinking about him. That’s bad news, because Tex is no saint, but he’s not a fugitive like I am. I don’t need to drag him into my mess.

Except it turns out that he’s caught in a mess of his own. And when things get bloody, I’m the only man who can get him out of it alive. I shouldn’t be so protective of a man I barely know, but I can’t help it. When his life is in danger, I’m ready to risk everything to save him and get revenge.