Hard Feelings by K.M. Galvin (ePUB)

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Hard Feelings by K.M. Galvin (ePUB)

As best friends, Glory and Killian had loved each other in one way or another since they were kids. When they got older, that love began to evolve into something deeper.

But then a scandal overtook their town, changing their relationship status from best friends to enemies.

Killian is all sunshine and golden-boy vibes while Glory is quiet and focused on soccer, tortured by small-town gossip.

As the end of their senior year approaches, Glory plans to move across the country, leaving behind everyone who has hurt her, including Killian. When he decides enough is enough and tries to make amends, Glory chooses to take the leap, trusting him to catch her, transforming their relationship for a second time.

Until Killian and Glory are forced to confront what tore them apart in the first place.

Can they ever go back to the way they were, or can they maybe become something else, something more?

Recommended for 18+ for language, sexual situations and reference to underage drinking.

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