Haunted ePUB by Pandora Pine


Haunted ePUB by Pandora Pine
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Pandora Pine
January 2, 2023
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Haunted ePUB by Pandora Pine

Local artist Christopher “Trip” Cahill has found his dream home in idyllic Danvers, Massachusetts. It boasts two beds, two baths, an immaculate garden, and one more item not mentioned in the listing: a ghost. Repeatedly warned about the restless spirit, Trip is undeterred and signs on the dotted line.

Ghost hunting YouTuber Marlowe Bond spends his days busting supposed ghost stories on his show Haunted? Wrapping up his last case, Marlowe receives a frantic message from Trip who insists the spirit haunting his house is the real deal. Skeptical of the man’s claim but needing more content for his channel, he agrees to help.

Working together, both men realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. The ghost haunting Trip’s house is not only real, but has been the subject of harrowing ghost stories since the end of the Civil War. The house belongs to Temperance Bradstreet and, according to local legend, she aims to keep it that way.

Complicating matters further is the undeniable attraction simmering between Marlowe and Trip. As the two men draw closer, the angry spirit seems bent on keeping them apart. Can the new lovers solve the mystery of Temperance Bradstreet or will it leave both men haunted?

Book One of a three book series.

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