Heartless Vows by Ivy Davis (ePUB)

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Heartless Vows by Ivy Davis (ePUB)

He wants to control me… I’d like to see him try.
Known as the wild one in my family,
I’ve always craved freedom.
But when my brother marries me off to Enzo Barone,
All my options in life are snatched away.
Now, I’m expected to be a little housewife,
With a husband who wants to keep me in line.
But what Enzo doesn’t know,
Is that I am impossible to tame.
And yet, my desire for him grows every day.
I hate myself for it.
Torn between wanting my husband and hating him,
I’m so confused on how to feel.
This game between Enzo and I won’t last forever.
One of us is going to bend and break.
Another thing my husband doesn’t know:
I don’t plan on breaking anytime soon.

Heartless Vows is the third book in the Santoro Mafia Series but can be read as a standalone and has a gaurenteed happy ending.

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