Her Tailor Made Husband ePUB by Winnie Griggs


Her Tailor Made Husband ePUB by Winnie Griggs
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Winnie Griggs
January 2, 2023
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Her Tailor Made Husband ePUB by Winnie Griggs

What she needed was a clean break. what she got was a fake engagement.

Hazel Andrews has been in love with Ward Gleason since she was an adolescent. Her admiration and attraction for him have only grown over the years as she sees his dedication and integrity in action. Ward, however, continues to see her as only a friend. Frustrated, Hazel decides it’s time for a change and accepts her aunt’s invitation to join her in New York. But fate has other plans…

Ward Gleason had to grow up quickly. Man of the house by age ten, he took on all the responsibilities of a grown-up, including guilt over a family tragedy. Now serving as sheriff, Ward is determined to do the people of Turnabout proud. When he finds an abandoned child, he knows he’ll need help caring for the five-year-old until her situation is resolved. Hazel seems the perfect person to watch little Meg during the day, but when he learns of Hazel’s plans to leave Texas, it’s more than disappointment that settles in Ward’s gut. Could his feelings toward Hazel have deepened without him realizing it?

When the townsfolk spot Hazel leaving Ward’s home a late night babysitting, gossip spreads, threatening her reputation. Ward offers the perfect solution: A fake engagement until Meg’s family is located, then Hazel can break it off and move to New York.

Unless he can persuade her to stay. But after years of pushing her away, how can he now convince her his feelings are real?

(NOTE: This book was previously published under the title A Tailor-Made Husband)

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